Policy & Vision

Several Sutras - Thoughts inspire us,
A C M E.

We Aspire to Arise! Awake! and stop not till the goal is reached.
We Cultivate Creative imagination, think of it, dream of it ,live on that idea .Let the brains , muscles ,nerves ,every part of our body be full of that idea ,and just leave every other idea alone till we achieve the success .This the our way of success .Every product of ours is produced with this creative instinct .

We Mean on purity of Motives and Sincerity, and Goodness will surely gain the day. Truth, Purity and Fairness are values to us, on which we build lifetime relationships.

We Excel in our services to our valued customers and community at large, and believe in creating cultivating long lasting relationships.

We are Committed totally and completely to our work and our customers. We offer newer product range to serve our customers purpose; the satisfaction of our customer rewards us for our honest efforts and creativity.

We believe in Open Communications and Human approach, where one understands the mutual interest and fairness to both of us.

We look up to you as our customer, Supplier, well wishers for your support and guidance.

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   In Business since 1989       "Creative imagination and purity of motives broadens the Horizon"